Welcome to Alphabet!
Alphabet is a collection of 10,000 replicants enabled by ERC404, an experimental token standard.

The ERC404 standard combines the ERC20 and ERC721 standards together. This allows for native liquidity and fractionalization. The implementation strives to combine the two ERCs in a robust manner while minimizing tradeoffs.
Assets created for Alphabet were inspired by @aximoris on Spline (thank you Remilia, post-authorship and the concept of remixing).
The implementation is non-standard. Tokens are burned and minted repeatedly as per underlying fractional transfers. This part of the design is deliberate, with the goal of creating an NFT that has native fractionalization, liquidity, and encourages trading and engagement to obtain unique trait sets.

About Alphabet
All Alphabet branding, assets and NFTs are copylefted under VPL.